the best investment you can make, is in you! You are your greatest asset!

I help beginning and pre-service teachers who feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious just like I did when I started teaching, to regain their confidence and grow into the teacher they dreamed of becoming, through mentoring + supporting. 

I openly share my 20 year teaching career, life lessons and everything in between, to benefit and fast track the learning for teachers.

I want to provide life time support to teachers by providing access to resources, training, mentoring sessions, documents, sharing teacher tools and have access to a community of beginning teachers just like you!

Rachel xox

I am PASSIONATE ABOUT REDUCING teacher burnout. I am making my skills, knowledge and 20 years experience available FOR BEGINNING TEACHERS, in bite size modules you access in your own time @ your own pace, for life... with over 30 teaching areas & 500 hrs of training.

I am extremely Proud to say It has a 100% satisfaction rate from members

the feeling of overwhelm when you transition into classroom teaching, can be feel debilitating & highly stressful. you have worked hard to get to be where you are and your training has not provided the right support for you to transition to the classroom..... 

I can help you with that...