MY GIFTS FOR YOU... planning 

As promised... here are teaching gifts that you can use use for your teaching journey.

The first one is a training video which will show you how and why I set up my classroom routine.

The second is a training video from the mentoring program to show you how I plan across a term for literacy.

The third is a training video to show you how I start with 'goals' when planning an IEP (or PLP/ILP).

The fourth is a free mentoring session with me.... lets create a plan and see how I can get you the right tools for your teacher life so you feel confident and successful as a teacher.

The savvy teachers mentorship program can be found here and should you need support, please chat with me anytime! I have a section below where you can flag me for a chat!

Everything is there for you to use when and if you want! Enjoy Rachel xox

Free Online Courses for Early Career Teachers

I have created free online courses for pre-service and beginning teachers to support individuals through those particularly difficult times when learning to teach or starting their teacher journey! I want to see you succeed!

Rachel xox

Weekly Routine

This training video is taken directly from the Savvy Teachers Club, from inside the huge "PLANNING" section.

This video walks you through my weekly routine, which covers the hours that teachers must covered across each learning area + I explain why I do different things in relation to planning and teaching. 

Plan Literacy for a Term or more

Planning for literacy for the term can be daunting.. but let me show you how I teach it to mentees in the Savvy Teachers Club... mentoring program so you can save hours and feel confident in your planning! PLUS let's make this fun!!!

How to Plan Goals for an Independent Learning Program 

Creating an Independent Learning Program (IEP or PLP or ILP) & navigating the learning support / special needs education is much easier with my HUGE module on this area. I have taken away all  the stress so you can feel and look confident as a teacher to not only run an IEP program, but a meeting and review meeting with documentation I have used through my teaching years.... all of it is now yours.. inside the Savvy Teachers Club.

Work smarter not harder!.jpeg

Investing in 'YOU' is the most empowering decision you can make as 'YOU' are YOUR greatest asset