Thank You!

Here are your gifts...

As promised... here are my "thank you" gifts that you can use use for your teaching journey.

The 1st is a downloadable 'reflection' tool that I use for the end of term (it can also be done at the beginning of the term) from the Ultimate Teacher Mentorship Program.


The 2nd is a secret weapon of mine that I use to get to know my students within a speedy time frame. It's called "parents homework" which students love and it has proven to be a power data collector for me!

The 3rd is a FREE PD WORKSHOP which you can watch and 'warming up the brain + using the 6 learning modalities.

The 4th is an infographic around understanding behaviour and the 6 universal core needs of humans.

The 5th is a support video AND huge checklist for beginning teachers, so they can set themselves up for success by having appropriate expectations and help set up a pathway for the year ahead.

Enjoy the thank you gifts and just know that your are never alone in this teacher journey and it truly is an amazing career with the right support/tribe around you! It's been 20 yrs since I graduated and I LOVE teaching and was able to protect my passion utilising specific strategies, setting myself up for success with a mentor + lots more, which is all inside the mentorship program. I also share a smidgeon of that on this page.

I will send you each gift in your email and there are some bonus surprises there to help you feel more confident for next term!

Rachel xox

GIFT #1: Free downloadable reflection kit
Work smarter not harder!.jpeg

Reflection as a teacher is vital to your own growth + building rapport with your students. Creating a space for students to feel heard, safe to be themselves + be honest, will enable you to find out what is important to them.  You will then be able to shape the learning environment, tailor the learning to their needs + increase engagement in your classroom, as the learning is student centred. "Feedback" is extremely valuable and this is 1 of many game changing tools for new teachers.

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GIFT #2: FREE DOWNLOAD - my secret weapon

Building rapport with your students and creating your student profiles can take time. Something we don't have a lot of, particularly as a beginning teacher. This PDF is what I hand out at my 'meet the teacher' night but you can use it any time, to help gather important data about my students! There is also the follow up page you can use if parents have questions that you don't know the answer to + checklist for getting organised for the meet the teacher evening.

I have started to add a new set of modules to build your self esteem in your life + increase your confidence in teaching. It is valued at over $1500 and it is free as part of your membership + it is for life!

Behaviour Management in the Classroom

I am building a library of PD workshops that you can access when you want, to grow your knowledge and skills around teaching and learning. This workshop is about the importance of 'warming the brain' and 'using the 6 learning modalities' in this process of warming up + your planning! Really powerful and insightful workshop.

Free Online Courses for Early Career Teachers

I have created free online courses for pre-service and beginning teachers to help provide you with the skills and knowledge for some particularly stressful events as an early career teacher, starting their career.

Rachel xox

Understanding that behaviour masks fear or needs

I have a HUGE behaviour management course that will walk you through how to build classroom culture rather than have behaviour management strategies. This program is available on its own or it is FREE inside the mentorship program. Now the infographic is yours to download as a PDF to support you as a teacher. When you start teaching, it is vital that you understand that there is always something going on behind the behaviour that is masking a fear or a need not met. Understand the 6 core needs a few years ago, was a game change for me as an educator and I walk you through this in detail, in the mentorship program (videos are linked to the AITSL standards).  The first 4 universal needs are going to be the areas that needs haven't been met, which is the reason for the behaviour, while the last 2 are going to help you resolve the behaviour and provide effective strategies for your students.  Let me find the video to explain this a little better and I will send it to you in an email.


My "big dream" is to change the culture for teachers in schools + provide mentorship and support to beginning teachers to reduce burnout + protect their passion and enthusiasm for teaching!

I am doing this by helping 1 early career teacher at a time so they reach their full potential and find what I can see in their reflection!!!

The power of a mentor


Initial Training from Mentorship Program To Set Yourself Up