Thank You!

As promised... here are my "thank you" gifts that you can use use for your teaching journey.

I have added so many to this page now, that I will simple say that have fun exploring this page and feel free to connect and spend time with the resources I have on here!

There are 6 gifts on this page to explore so enjoy! I read each questionnaire, so please check your inbox for a reply. Your input is extremely important to me and I review them all to ensure my mentorship program supports as meany beginning teachers as possible, in all the areas you need!

If you are PRE-SERVICE I have a new MENTORSHIP PROGRAM specifically for you, designed to help you nail your practicums and set yourself up for a great career! So many new teachers wish they could do their practicums again, now that they realise what they needed to do on practicums, to set themselves up... so I share everything inside the mentorship program... 

I LOVE coaching teachers and helping you reach your goals!  If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me, I am here to empower you and help you gain confidence in your ability as an early career teacher!

Enjoy the thank you gifts and just know that your are never alone in this teacher journey.... and it truly is an amazing career with the right support around you!

Rachel xox

1. Mega Maths Kit: Free Training + Download

I have just done an early release for the MATHS MEGA KIT that will exceed your expectations! It will have over 4 kits that will be available containing 00's of resource + over 20 teacher training videos + Professional Development certificate aligned with the AITSL standards. Download a sample of the kit for "teaching Fractions" + training PD.

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 4.17.25 pm.png
2. Free Online Program:
How To Make Your Own Teaching Resources 

THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE + DESIGNED TO HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO USE POWERPOINT, CANVA and some other key tools that I have found super helpful as a teacher!


I will help you juggle these 'teacher' hats with more confidence and savvy tools so you become the teacher you dreamed of!



Beginning Teacher Support Groups

I started 2 groups on Facebook for Beginning teachers, so they can access support, mentoring and inspiration when they need! I am really proud to say that the Beginning Teacher's Lounge is over 7000 members (opened 2012 roughly)  and the Teacher Tribe 2020 is over 2000 (opened December 2019). These are open to all beginning teachers! 

3. PD VIDEO: Giving Feedback

This is a training video from the Ultimate Teacher Mentorship program for teachers in their first 5 years of teaching. This shows you how to give effective feedback  in your classroom with your students. The power of feedback is truly a game changer, once you see what I teach you in this mentorship program!

Feedback and reflection are 2 extremely important skills to develop as you grow in your teaching journey.


Teacher Life.png
4: Wellness Weekly Planner

Teacher health and wellness is one of my top priorities in the Savvy Teachers Club, so each member is encouraged to actively plan something for their health and wellness each day. It can be exercise, reading a good book, bath, coffee catch up, pilates, dancing or watching a good Netflix..... it depends on your but as part of your teacher journey, you must look after your health!

With 1 in 2 beginning teachers leaving our industry in the first 5 years due to burnout and exhaustion.... health and wellness for a beginning teacher has never been so important! 

Download your copy of this weekly planner via the button below!

And if you become part of our tribe, you will enjoy our Friday night bath, book and wine glass night of relaxation ritual! Wether put pineapple juice like me or your favourite wine, this is one of our tribe's wellness habits.

5: Behaviour Management in the Classroom

Behaviour management is one of the most stressful areas of teaching that beginning teachers list as a source of anxiety and distress. I have helped hundreds of pre-service & beginning teachers in their first 5 years, create a classroom culture with unique and successful behaviour management strategies.

I have set up a "masterclass" for pre-service and beginning teachers that is still growing.... with 30+  behaviour management strategies for developing classroom culture. It is normally $339 but via the link below you can $189

6: Standard Elaborations & Task-Specific Elaborations - training 

I have created a gigantic Teacher Organisational Kit that has over 77 teacher planners, documents, templates, frameworks and more... and it comes with training videos. I am in the middle of putting this into an online self paced course that will grow continually each year BUT before I do that, I wanted to share the link to some of a video that will give you ideas and support you on your practicums.  This training video is directly from the large kit and helps you understand elaborations in a clear and effective way + I share how I use this for planning to reduce my time dramatically!!

Free Online Courses for Early Career Teachers

I have created free online courses for pre-service and beginning teachers to help provide you with the skills and knowledge for some particularly stressful events as an early career teacher, starting their career.

Rachel xox