We are ending term 1 and I want to hear from you about where you are at, how you are feeling, your stress levels, true levels of support you received or didn't receive. This is completely confidential + your input will help me to ensure I support beginning teachers exactly like YOU in the mentorship program, online courses and workshops so you can feel competent and regain your confidence.

This questionnaire is completely confidential and your responses will be used to continue to build a mentoring program that reduces beginning teacher burnout rates and maintain their passion for teaching by supporting them where they need!

QUESTIONNAIRE - reflecting on term 1, 2021
Teachers in their first few years will spend between 15-30 hours extra per week outside school hours, researching, finding, seeking, testing, creating... which equates to 1200+ hrs per year (not including school holidays) compared to that of teachers with 5+ years experience. 
4. To reduce overwhelm and stress, in what areas would you want to want to access strategies right now, to support you and improve your confidence + teaching effectiveness ?

Teacher burnout rates are at the highest they have ever been. With 50% of teachers leaving in their first 5 years of teaching and universities are not altering how they prepare teachers for real life teaching, to resolve the issue. It is not until you transition to real life teaching as a graduate teacher, that the lack of preparation becomes evident. This puts an extreme amount of stress on new teachers and leaves the responsibility on individuals to manage their burnout and find their own way to navigate the gaps and stress.

7. Select the items below that you would want in a Mentor program for you ? (multiple choice, select the ones you want in a program for you)
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. I am dedicated to supporting and mentoring beginning teachers in all areas that YOU need so you can succeed + prevent burnout.
This is your journey, you have worked hard to get here and you deserve success.
You are not alone and you do not need to reinvent the wheel!
I am here to help you achieve your dreams!
Rachel xox