Pre-Service Teachers

Probably one of my most memorable parts of becoming a teacher was my final year of study and the practicums. I was starting to really feel like a teacher and I could see my dream of teaching, in the light at the end of the tunnel. I even managed to get a top marks (despite just passing for the previous 3 years in subjects) and became a targeted graduate for NSW department of education based on my interview, my portfolio and practicum reports . This enabled to be offered permanent position teaching in the public system straight from university (I was 1 of 2 from 200 graduates from Sydney Uni). I couldn't believe it but I knew it had came down to (A) how I planned my final year and (B) the key things I did played a HUGE part in all this! I will talk more about this later!

I do want to be honest with you.... jumping into full time teaching was like going from doggy paddle in the beach in knee deep water, to being dropped in the ocean with no land to be seen.... overwhelmed & stressed was an understatement!!! This is very much the way most beginning teachers describe their experience of teaching as well. University and tertiary education systems are not preparing teachers for real life teaching BUT..... I can show you how to set yourself up for success based on where you are right now!

First I would love to hear from you! I want to know how you are feeling and where you feel you need more support to become a confident teacher while you are studying!

For your time & honesty, I have $180+ worth of teaching gifts and resources for you... which is my THANK YOU GIFT xox

Pre-Service Teachers Questionnaire 2020
3: IF YOU WERE TO JOIN A MENTORING PROGRAM FOR PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS, what would YOU want/need included that would make jump straight in? Please select as many as you like.
5: TO INCREASE THE SUPPORT FOR PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS, IN 2021 and BEYOND, WE ARE PUBLISHING A DIGITAL EDITABLE TEACHER PRACTICUM TOOL KIT / PLANNER to include as part of the Pre-Service Mentorship Program and we would love to hear what YOU would like in it ?
6: In orer to cater to YOUR needs specifically, which of the following would you invest in for you,to support you teaching caeer ? (select as many as you like)

As part of the NEW MEGA KITS for teachers, I am including online training around teaching strategies, how to teach 20 different concepts within those subjects (ie literacy + maths, 00's of ready to use editable resources, how to scaffold + differentiate learning;  aligned with AITSL standards and included PD certificate to use for teacher registration; interactive slides + training to use them in the classroom and more... they are designed to be the Ultimate Mega Kit

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I read each and every questionnaire to ensure I create the most effective and supportive mentoring program in Australia to cater to as many needs as possible.

Your contribution is very valuable! Make sure you check you inbox for a response from me (check junk folder too).


I am dedicated to supporting and mentoring new teachers.
I am extremely passionate about this topic and helping new teachers feel better equipped to teach + less stressed in their chosen career!

My promise to all mentees in the program is that if you find an area of teaching not covered in the mentoring program, tell me and I will build it just for YOU!